Kansas Real Estate Brokers License.

  Darryl Graves first obtained his Real Estate Salesman License while attending law school and was employed as a closing officer by a local real estate company. Mr. Graves has maintained his interest in Real Estate and obtained a Brokers License from the State of Kansas and as such stays abreast of new legislation and the real estate market.  
Business and Commercial Litigation.
  Are you starting a new business? Reorganizing an existing business entity? Or looking to retain an attorney to represent your small business in legal proceedings? Darryl Graves, P.C. is ready to advise you in all aspects of the business formation process and represent your business’ interests in court if necessary.  
Corporate, L.L.C., Partnership Agreements
  Darryl Graves has run his law office as a small corporation for over 30 years and as such has real world knowledge as to the practical day to day operation of LLC and Corporate matters. He has formed hundreds of corporations for his clients and can advise and assist in all your corporate needs.